La Salle des Pierres : Journal 1995 (Littérature Française) (French Edition)

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La Salle des Pierres: Journal (Littérature Française) (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Renaud Camus. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Results 33 - 47 of 47 Journal de Travers (Littérature Française) (French Edition) . La Salle des Pierres: Journal (Littérature Française) (French Edition).

Haidu and G. Vance, University of California - Los Angeles. March Che vuoi? Dragonetti, and C. Mela, University of Geneva, Switzerland.


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Skip to main content. The treatise 'De vegetabilibus et plantis', which goes back to the Peripatetic Nicolaus of Damascus and has an interesting tradition from Greek into Syrian, from Syrian into Arabic, from Arabic into Latin , was considered to be a work of Aristotle's and was among the subjects prescribed for study in the Facultas Artium in Paris.

Petrus de Alvernia's Sententia should primarily be regarded as an exposition of this often problematic work for the students of this faculty.


The Introduction discusses the tradition of 'De vegetabilibus et plantis', the authenticity of the ascription of the commentary to Petrus de Alvernia, the characteristiscs of the commentary, and its relation to the commentary by Albertus Magnus. The Text is followed by indices nominum, locorum, plantarum, and verborum potiorum.

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In these she identifies and describes more than Latin manuscripts of the Avicennan corpus preserved in European libraries, thus laying the foundation for work later published in the Avicenna Latinus series. These fascicles are photomechanically reprinted here, together with hitherto unpublished material concerning another 30 manuscripts compiled from Professor d'Alverny's papers by Simone van Riet and Pierre Jodogne. The compilers have also added a list of corrigenda as well as an index of manuscripts discussed and an index of names and works. Inleidinge tot de Hollandsche Rechts-Geleerdheid Met de te Lund teruggevonden verbeteringen, aanvullingen en opmerkingen van den schrijver en met verwijzingen naar zijn andere geschriften uitgegeven en van aantekeningen voorzien door F.

Dovring, H.

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Fischer, E. Author: Hugo de Groot.

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Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Guy de M aupassant in Algeria. M yths, M asks and M asquerades. Hybridity and the struggle of identity in contemporary occult crime 9 December Invited to present a guest lecture on translation.

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Etiek en die vertaler, 29 October. Invited by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie. M arch October I have concentrated on integrating literature as a functional part of French as a foreign language in the South African context. M y focus areas in this respect are: An important exponent of avant-garde art , Cocteau had great influence on the work of others, including a group of composers known as Les six.

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In the early twenties, he and other members of Les six frequented a wildly popular bar named Le Boeuf sur le Toit , a name that Cocteau himself had a hand in picking. The popularity was due in no small measure to the presence of Cocteau and his friends. In he met the French poet Raymond Radiguet.

They collaborated extensively, socialized, and undertook many journeys and vacations together. Cocteau also got Radiguet exempted from military service.

Le Figaro littéraire, de la revue politique et littéraire au news magazine - Persée

Admiring of Radiguet's great literary talent, Cocteau promoted his friend's works in his artistic circle and arranged for the publication by Grasset of Le Diable au corps a largely autobiographical story of an adulterous relationship between a married woman and a younger man , exerting his influence to have the novel awarded the " Nouveau Monde " literary prize. Some contemporaries and later commentators thought there might have been a romantic component to their friendship.

There is disagreement over Cocteau's reaction to Radiguet's sudden death in , with some claiming that it left him stunned, despondent and prey to opium addiction. Opponents of that interpretation point out that he did not attend the funeral he generally did not attend funerals and immediately left Paris with Diaghilev for a performance of Les noces The Wedding by the Ballets Russes at Monte Carlo.

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Cocteau himself much later characterised his reaction as one of "stupor and disgust. Cocteau's opium use and his efforts to stop profoundly changed his literary style.

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An early work of Joachim of Fiore from Ms. Reading in English T. Photo Bonnie Perkinson. She has the following published novels: The waiting room and A traveler's guide to ride-sharing. The compilers have also added a list of corrigenda as well as an index of manuscripts discussed and an index of names and works. Heartfelt thanks must go to Dr.

His most notable book, Les Enfants Terribles , was written in a week during a strenuous opium weaning.