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Everybody knows. Everybody knows, everybody knows That's how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows, everybody knows. Todo el mundo sabe Y todo el mundo sabe por lo que tuvo que pasar. Todo depende como quieran llevarlo, todo el mundo lo sabe en el fondo. Ah y todo el mundo sabe disimularlo bastante bien. Y todo el mundo sabe que se encuentran en apuros, todos sienten la cruz que han venido arrastrando.

No se dan cuenta que el planeta empieza a quejarse. Everybody knows that the bets are rigged, and even so plays expecting a stroke of luck. Everybody knows Everybody knows the fight was also manipulated: the poor stay poor, the rich will go on stealing. Everybody knows the ship is about to collapse, everybody is aware of that may not be a lie.

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The anguish will be similar to that void left like when their parents just died… or their dog. Everybody while flaunting of their wealth, expecting so to cover their lacking with gifts, buying the love and the social recognition. Everybody too preoccupied with trivialities. Everybody knows that you love me, my dear son, although know well how you behave in reality.

In the eyes of others you have been ones faithful, but yourselves will know the faults committed. However, you know what have borne in silence, but there was such need that not matter to trample or humiliate oneself before others to get ahead.

And everybody knows what went through. Everybody knows that nothing is written, all blaming the destiny, know you do not know it. Everything depends how you want to carry it, everybody knows it in the deep inside. And know that laziness leaves nothing good, so like your egoism derives from that slovenliness.

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But if you overcome this you could live forever, when you really mark the course of history. Although know that treat to your fellow men stinks, the slavery go on until your days, in form of racism, discrimination or of your own intolerance.

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And everybody knows it to dissimulate quite well. And everybody knows that the Plague is coming, know that it can begin to mutate out of control. It may cause that your procreation devices are magnificent museum pieces Know what means that scene: your extinction.

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From that lynching on top of Calvary, until to the life between luxury and excess, nothing is exempt. Everybody has a feeling that the ending is near, better deposit your faith in this Sacred Heart that is speaking to you now And everybody knows never too late while you can. Everybody realizes the planet begins to complain.

Juego Favorito by Leonard Cohen

Everybody knows that life does not wait, know that depends more on you The original was written in Spanish, so might have errors in diction. Prohibido uso comercial o publicar sin referencias.

Interpretation based on the possible hidden meaning of the song "Everybody knows". The interpretation was originally written in Spanish and is not official of the song. It is based on a particular and subjective point of view from Ideasnopalabras. Under Creative Commons license that allows freedom of copy and distribution provided that the source is quoted correctly with a link.

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We are both thin and hungry, and you are expelling a puff of smoke which only partly obscures your handsome features of some Catalan nobleman with wild curling hair -- One interview you translated quotes Leonard from a interview. Side 2 photo from eBay. Sign up for newsletter. Everybody knows, everybody knows That's how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows, everybody knows That's how it goes Ohhh Books by Alberto Manzano. Showing

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