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Resurrección (English translation)
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Resurreccion / Resurrection (Spanish Edition)

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Additional information Resurrección (Tetralogia Ione) (Spanish Edition) ( ): Mario Escobar: Books. Resurreccion (Spanish Edition) [Leon Tolstoi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El joven noble militar Dmitri Ivánovich Nejliúdov vuelve a.

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USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Lleva una vida agradable con recepciones mundanas, sus numerosos amigos, un casamiento inminente concertado con una hija de familia noble y un brillante porvenir en la armada.

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Date of Birth: September 9, Date of Death: November 20, Place of Birth: Tula Province, Russia. Place of Death: Astapovo, Russia.

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