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Take my review into account Contact us free from 8,00 and 12 hrs - and 13 and 17,00 hrs. Contact us here. Set up an appointment with your project manager. Ask for an appointment Contact us free from 8,00 and 12 hrs - and 13 and 17,00 hrs. Demographics of Egypt: Demographics of Egypt.

Starters 0.1 - Nouvelle inédite (French Edition)

Ethnic groups in Egypt: Egyptian people by ethnic or national origin - Ethnic minorities in Egypt include Bedouin Arab tribes of the Sinai Peninsula and the eastern desert, the Berber-speaking community of the Siwa Oasis and the Nubian people along the southern Nile - Immigrants to Egypt. Sudanese refugees and migrants in Egypt: Sudanese refugees and migrants in Egypt. Women's role in the Egyptian revolution since Women's role in the Egyptian revolution since - 13 December Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood turns to sisters in fight against government in - 2 March First woman to head a political party in Egypt says it proves the revolution has changed attitudes.

Education in Egypt: Education in Egypt. Schools in Egypt: List of schools in Egypt. Universities in Egypt: Universities in Egypt. Health in Egypt: Health in Egypt.

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Healthcare in Egypt: Healthcare in Egypt. Freedom of speech and repression in Egypt: Freedom of speech in Egypt. April-June Morsi critics prosecuted: 1 April Popular Egyptian TV satirist Bassem Youssef released on bail after turning himself in for questioning over allegations he insulted Islam and Mohamed Morsi - 3 June Opposition youth activist Ahmed Duma sentenced by a Cairo court to 6 months in prison for insulting Morsi. November Bassem Youssef suspended: 2 November Channel suspends satirist Bassem Youssef's show after he pokes fun at army chief.

June 5 June Egyptian prosecutors seek year prison sentence for Al Jazeera journalists - 16 June: Egypt to free Al Jazeera journalist on hunger strike - 23 June: Egypt court sentences Qatar-based Al-Jazeera journalists to seven years for 'publishing lies'. June jailed journalists: 25 June Committee to Protect Journalists prison census found at least 18 Egyptian journalists were being held in jail for reasons related to their reporting, most since August Karim Hamdy case: 12 August Human rights groups fear for rule of law in Egypt as lawyer Karim Hamdy died after two days in police detention, having signs of torture including broken ribs and bleeding in the brain.

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August jailed journalists: 17 August Photojournalist and activist Esraa El Taweel, taken by force from an outing with her friends on 1 June and detained, faces greater harassment after posting latest letter from prison, sister says - 29 August Australian journalist Greste as well as his two Qatar-based Al Jazeera colleagues Canadian-Egyptian Fahmy and Baher Mohamed found guilty and sentenced to at least three years jail for broadcasting material harmful to Egypt and operating with no press license.

May court seeks death penalty against journalists: 7 May Egyptian court seeks death penalty against three journalists Alaa Omar Sablan, Ibrahim Mohammed Helal, and Asmaa al-Khateeb. March singer banned from performing: 23 March An Egyptian singer has been banned from performing in her home country after she suggested it does not respect free speech. Newspapers in Egypt: Newspapers in Egypt.

January 'Islamic State' affiliate's el-Arish attack: 29 January Egyptian state newspaper office destroyed in 'Islamic State' affiliate's el-Arish attack, six people dead. March censorship: 11 March Censors have forced regime-friendly Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan to rewrite its front-page after it claimed that key state institutions and politicians owe billions of Egyptian pounds in taxes.

Crime in Egypt: Crime in Egypt. Corruption in Egypt: Corruption in Egypt - 5 December Annual Corruption Perceptions Index says Egypt had fallen six places to th out of countries as levels of bribery, abuse of power and secret dealings remain high.

Murder in Egypt: Murder in Egypt. Religiously motivated violence and suicide bombings in Egypt: Religiously motivated violence in Egypt. November 2 November Islamic terrorists ambushed a bus carrying Christian pilgrims on their way to a remote desert monastery south of the Egyptian capital Cairo, killing at least seven people and wounding July 15 July Two German tourists stabbed to death at Egyptian beach resort, four others wounded.

December 29 December A day after a deadly bombing on a Vietnamese tourist bus in Giza killed four people, Egyptian security forces reportedly killed 40 suspected militants in three separate incidents in North Sinai and Giza. February Taba bus bombing - 16 February: A bomb attack on a tourist bus in the Sinai peninsula has killed at least three South Korean tourists and an Egyptian driver - 2 May: Suicide bomber kills soldier in Sinai, second blast wounds 3 targeting security checkpoint on road to tourist resort - 21 May: One Egyptian killed and six others injured in a bomb attack on a security vehicle in Sinai, near the Israeli border - 14 July: Militants fire mortar rounds at military post in el-Arish near Israel border, killing a soldier as well as seven civilians, including two children.

October Sinai attacks: October Sinai attacks - 24 October: Militants killed at least 26 people at a military checkpoint in the northern Sinai peninsula. March 19 March 4 Egyptian soldiers and 36 Islamic militants have died in the past five days of fighting in the restive Sinai Peninsula, as military claims it destroyed hundreds of hideouts, munition and weapons depots during the operation and arrested suspected militants.

Human trafficking in Egypt: Human trafficking in Egypt.

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Starters - Nouvelle inédite (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Lissa PRICE, Aude LEMOINE. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Une nouvelle exclusive pour découvrir l'univers de la série événement Starters, la nouvelle étoile noire de la dystopie. Dans un futur proche: après les ravages.

Judiciary of Egypt: Judiciary of Egypt. Courts in Egypt: Courts in Egypt. Police brutality in Egypt: Police brutality in Egypt - during the Mubarak regime and in the five years before the revolution, claims by domestic and international groups provided cellphone videos or first-hand accounts of hundreds of cases of police brutality. Military of Egypt: Military of Egypt. Military history of Egypt: Military history of Egypt. May alleged war crimes in Sinai: 28 May Human Rights Watch accuses Egypt, Sinai militants of war crimes in their confrontation in the restive North Sinai region, saying 'while Egyptian military and police forces were responsible for the majority of abuses documented in the report, extremist militants have also committed horrific crimes'.

Military industry and budget in Egypt: Military budget rank 41 - Egyptian military industry. Political parties and trade unions in Egypt: List of political parties in Egypt - Egypt national association for change - Freedom and Justice Party - Workers Democratic Party - April 6 Youth Movement - Hizb el-Dostour Constitution Party - 1 March Hala Shukhrallah is the first woman and Copt to head Constitution Party, a major Egyptian political party - 2 March First woman to head a political party in Egypt says it proves the revolution has changed attitudes.

Domestic responses to the Egyptian revolution - elections Domestic responses to the Egyptian Revolution of - Constitutional referendum - Results, June 29 June Fresh clashes in Cairo. July 8.

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Juli - Juli Angriffe auf Demonstration der Demokratiebewegung am Juli Mubarak ab 3. August 3. September 5 September: Police testify in Mubarak trial amid clashes - 8 September: Egypt's ex-interior minister told police to use live ammunition against protesters, witness says during Mubarak trial - 9 September: Egyptians protest against military rule pressing to keep promises of political reform - 10 September: Crowds attack Israel embassy in Cairo in overnight clashes - 11 September: Military leader Tantawi says he is 'too busy' to testify in Mubarak trial - November 1.

January 3 January: Third and final round of Egyptian parliamentary poll - 7. March 24 March: Parliamentarians meet to name member panel to write constitution, but liberals say Islamists are dominating process. April June 2 June: Egypt's ex-president Mubarak and his interior minister given life term for protester deaths - 3 June: Mubarak sentenced, the acquittal of police officers, the quashing of a set of corruption charges against Mubarak's sons evoke spate of protests - 4 June: Protesters return to Tahrir Square - 6 June: Thousands descend on Cairo square for the fourth straight night to demand Ahmed Shafiq's removal from presidential race - 8 June: Egypt's political parties agreed on the formation of a commission tasked with drafting a new constitution - 9 June: Several thousand gather in Tahrir Square to oppose Mubarak-era prime minister Ahmed Shafiq's bid for presidency - 14 June: Egypt military police gets sweeping powers ahead of polls - 15 June: Constitutional court dissolves Muslim Brotherhood-led parliament and approves candidacy of Mubarak-era PM Ahmed Shafik.

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July 7 July: Egypt's president Morsi has ordered a fresh investigation into the killing of anti-government protesters over the past 16 months - 9 July: Egypt's president orders return of parliament - 10 July: After the Supreme Constitutional Court rejected the President's order to reconvene the parliament, Egypt's military 'warns' President Mursi over parliament decision - 11 July: After Egypt's parliament reconvened on Tuesday the Supreme Constitutional Court overruled President Mursi over parliament - 11 July: Thousands in Cairo protest high court ruling - 11 July: President Mursi seeks talks with other institutions to resolve constitutional crisis - 14 July: Visiting Egypt US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urges full civilian rule - 17 July: Egypt court to rule on drafting of new constitution - 18 July: Around September 2 September: Egypt retires 70 army generals - 14 September: An Egyptian court has convicted the former prime minister Ahmed Nazif - already serving a seven-year term - on corruption charges and sentenced him to three years in prison - 30 September: Muslim television preacher to face charges after being video-taped burning a copy of the Bible.

October 5 October: Doctors in Egypt have gone on strike to protest against low wages and badly equipped, unclean hospital facilities - 9 October: One hundred days into his term President Mursi has pardoned all those arrested during the revolution that toppled Mubarak and up until June this year - 12 October: Egypt prosecutor-general vows to keep post despite president's attempt to remove him after acquittals in Camel Battle case - 12 October: Egypt tensions spark clashes in Cairo's Tahrir Square - 13 October: President Morsi agrees prosecutor-general to stay - 20 October: France 24 TV-correspondent Sonia Dridi in Cairo was 'savagely attacked' near Tahrir Square by a crowd of men and later rescued by a colleague and other witnesses.

April 1 April Popular Egyptian TV satirist Bassem Youssef released on bail after turning himself in for questioning over allegations he insulted Islam and Mohamed Morsi - 6 April: Five Egyptians were killed and eight wounded in clashes between Christians and Muslims in El Khusus near Cairo - 8 avril: Les affrontements entre coptes et musulmans se poursuivent au Caire - 19 April: Pro- and anti-Morsi demonstrators clash in Cairo. May 11 May: Police forces have detained prominent activist Ahmed Maher, who leads the April 6 Youth Movement, on suspicion of inciting an anti-government protest.

January 2 January: Two people killed in violent clashes between pro-Islamist protesters and police in Alexandria - 4 January: At least 13 Morsi supporters were killed in clashes during nationwide protests in Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia, Fayoum and Minya - 10 January: At least three people killed in clashes between supporters and opponents of Morsi - 11 January: Egypt army chief al-Sisi eyes presidency bid - 14 January: A bomb exploded outside a Cairo court just before polling stations were to open for the constitutional referendum boycotted by Morsi supporters.

February 6 February: Army chief al-Sisi reportedly said he will run for president - 7 February: A bomb has targeted a police checkpoint on a flyover in Cairo's twin city of Giza, wounding three police - 24 February: Egypt interim government resigns - 25 February: Egypt courts sentence Morsi supporters to prison for inciting violence - 25 February: New army-backed PM Mahlab vows to 'crush terrorism' hoping improved security will lead to economic recovery - 26 February: 26 people sentenced to death over Suez 'terror plot' - 26 February: Egypt army chief Sissi won't run for president, official source says.

December 3 December: Egypt court sentences people to death for attack on police station that left 11 police officers and two civilians dead in August - 6 December: Egypt court sentences seven jihadists to death in Sinai case.

January 6 January: Gunmen kill 2 Egyptian policemen guarding Coptic church south of Cairo - 6 January: Egyptian police officer killed while trying to defuse a bomb outside a petrol station in Cairo, with jihadis claiming responsibility - 9 January: Egypt said it is to hold parliamentary elections from March 21 - 13 January: Egyptian court orders retrial in embezzlement case against Mubarak, dropping the only remaining conviction - 23 January: An Egyptian student killed on Friday during clashes between Muslim Brotherhood protesters and local residents in Alexandria - 25 January: At least 15 killed in Egypt protests marking uprising, gunmen in a car opened fire on a security checkpoint near the Pyramids, killing two policemen - 26 January: Images of killed Egypt protester revive criticism of police - 27 January: One person killed by a car bomb, parked near a police station by suspected Islamists in Alexandria.

February 3 February: Homemade bomb explodes in central Cairo, two bombs found in Cairo airport - 9 February: Egyptian authorities say that 19 people had been killed in clashes at a Cairo stadium, adding that none of the victims had been killed by police - 16 February: Thousands mourn Egyptian victims of 'Islamic State' killings, who paid a gruesome price for simply seeking work in Libya - 26 February: One person killed and five others wounded including policemen when five bombs exploded in Cairo on Thursday.

July 13 July Hundreds of Egyptians have been forcibly disappeared and tortured in a campaign by 'security' forces in Egypt to wipe out peaceful dissent, rights group says. January 24 January Egyptian presidential hopeful and rights lawyer Khaled Ali has quit the race, becoming the latest would-be candidate who either has bowed out or been forced to abandon a challenge to president al-Sisi before the March election - 29 January Mousa from the pro-government Ghad party, now sole challenger to Sisi, registers at last minute after any candidate representing genuine opposition to Sisi has either been arrested or intimidated into dropping out.

September 8 September An Egyptian court sentenced 75 people to death, including top leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, for their involvement in a sit-in protest that was broken up by security forces in an operation that left hundreds dead, as photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zaid, whose detention has been decried by rights groups at home and abroad, received five years in prison for doing his job. Since 20 September Egyptian protests and crack down: Since 20 September Egyptian protests in Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta and five other Egyptian cities in which the protestors called for Egypt's Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to be removed from power, and security forces responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and live bullets, and, as of 6 October , arrests had been made, based on data from the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms and the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.

June 9 June Egypt's foreign minister, vowing not to give up 'a single drop of water from the Nile', says he would go to Addis Ababa to discuss a giant dam that Ethiopia has begun building in defiance of Cairo's objections - 12 June Nothing will stop Nile dam project, Ethiopia says. Rocket attacks on Eilat and Aqaba May 17 May Palestinian protests on the Gaza-Israel border have dropped off over the past two days, amid reports that Egyptian officials intervened to restore calm and as Israel says Hamas curbed Gaza protests after Egyptian warning.

June 19 June In rare move, Egypt said to keep Gaza crossing open for 2 more months. Kogalymavia Flight , international chartered passenger flight, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia, that crashed in central Sinai following departure from Sharm el-Sheikh on 31 October November 26 November Saudi crown prince arrives in Cairo received by Egyptian president during his first foreign tour since the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi sparked a global outcry. Since Hala'ib Triangle contoversy: Since disputed Hala'ib Triangle, an area of land measuring 20, square kilometres located on the African coast of the Red Sea.

Sudanese refugees in Egypt: Tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees in Egypt, most of them seeking refuge from ongoing military conflicts in their home country of Sudan. July Ecoregions in Egypt: List of ecoregions in Egypt. Environmental issues in Egypt: Environmental issues in Egypt. Air pollution in Egypt: Air pollution in Egypt. Water in Egypt: Water in Egypt - Bodies of water of Egypt - List of rivers of Egypt - there is only one year-round river in Egypt, the Nile, having no non-seasonal tributaries for its entire length in Egypt.

Water supply and water resources management in modern Egypt: Water supply and sanitation in Egypt - Water resources management in modern Egypt. Nile delta sea level - 29 March Rising sea levels threaten livelihoods of millions of people living in coastal cities and in Nile Delta.

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Economy of Iran: Economy of Iran - main industries are petroleum, petrochemicals, fertilizers, caustic soda, car manufacture, parts, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, electronics, telecom, energy, power, textiles, construction, cement and other construction materials, food processing particularly sugar refining and vegetable oil production , ferrous and non-ferrous metal fabrication, armaments - List of companies of Iran - Companies of Iran by industry.

Industry of Iran: Industry of Iran. Since Iran Aviation Industries: Since Iran Aviation Industries Organization, an Iranian state-owned corporation for the purpose of planning, controlling, and managing the civil and military aviation industry of Iran, holding other Iranian state-owned aviation corporations. Since Iran Electronics Industries: Since Iran Electronics Industries or Integrated Electronics Industries, a state-owned subsidiary of Iran's Ministry of Defense, and a diversified organization with operations in electronics, optics, electro-optics, communications, computer and semiconductors.

Military industry in Iran: Iran's military industry exported weapons to 57 countries as of and is composed of the following main components: Iran Electronics Industries , Defense Industries Organization - tanks, rockets, bombs, guns, armored vehicles, etc. List of military equipment manufactured in Iran: List of military equipment manufactured in Iran.