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It is not a quick fix but when the world's media decides to promote peace, love, light and happiness [ Once again Pazamor and his band of friends have been recruited to discover the truth behind these occurrences and put an end to evil in their lands. A fight between darkness and light is about to ensue, on what is the beginning of a long journey to self-discovery and a realisation of the oneness of all life.

In My Mind's 'I' This is an esoteric, spiritual and philosophical book wrapped up in fantasy, ready to be unravelled like an ancient puzzle. Pazamor, from the land of Dronagon, a mystic traveller from the future in an age past. He is apprentice to the Master Tang and is given the difficult task of restoring King Dronagon to his rightful throne and bringing peace to the land. He has his friends to help him in this [ Published on Sep 14, Taller de corte y correccion.

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